The Institut für Mittelstand und Familienunternehmen(IMF Hamburg)and its partners award the IMF Thesis Award for excellent Bachelor - and Master theses for the first time in 2018. In each category(Bachelor & Master) one thesis will be awarded. The prize is endowed with 1.000€ per category. Outstanding theses from the years 2017/18, which deal with specific questions of the Mittelstand and family businesses may be suggested until March 31, 2018.

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Family Firm Institute (FFI) | Bernhard Baumgartner now fellow at FFI


Business and practice labs | projects in collaboration with domestic organizations.



"The center supports family businesses and fosters an exchange between science and business."


„I find it very important and valuable that this platform exists where family entrepreneurs can exchange experiences at eye level on a trustful basis."
Susanne Neuhauser, CEO, Travel agency Idealtours GmbH