IFERA 2019

This year the IFERA Conference was hosted by the University of Bergamo, Italy, under the title "Feeding the fire of entrepreneurship: Theory and practice for the enterprising family". Anita Zehrer presented the Case Study "The Peak Hotel - The Challenge of Succession and Family Firm Continuity" for which she was nominated for the Best Paper Award.

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 EIASM 2019

The 15th EIASM Workshop on Family Firm Management Research was organized in the End of May in Nantes, France. This year the focus was on Family Entrepreneurship and Society. Anita Zehrer and Gundula Glowka from the ZFU presented the paper "CSR of family firms in tourism - the interaction behaviour between family firms and destination management organizations".

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The ISCONTOUR 2019, International Student Conference in Tourism Research, was hosted by the MCI Innsbruck in cooperation with the IMC FH Krems in the Middle of May. As a part of the event, Anita Zehrer of the Family Business Center talked about the topic "Family Firm - Backbone of the Tourism Economy". Full program is available here

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Tourissimus | Award

The Family Business Center congratulates Annika Stärk winning with her Master Thesis "Familiness und Führungskompetenzen" the Tourissimus 2019 in the category tourist industry.

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Praktikerforum Tischler 2025

The Family Business Center organized in cooperation with Innovation.SME.Lab and Wirtschaftskammer Tirol the Praktikerforum Tischer 2025 in the beginning of April. As part of the event, the project Tischler 2025 was presented. Aim of the study was to identify challenges and influences for the cabinetmaker’s trade in Tirol in order to reveal strategies for exhausting future potentials.

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Family Business Forum 2019

The Family Business Center hosted for the fourth time the Family Business Forum. The students had the opportunity not only to gain theoretical knowledge but alsoto discuss with selected family business entrepreneurs.

The following family entrepreneurs participated in the forum: Claudia Berghofer (Adler Lacke), Andreas Duschl (Duschl Ingenieure), Elisabeth Hauser (Hotel Stanglwirt), Andreas Kapferer (Deloitte), Felicitas Kohler (Planlicht), Mario Morandell (Morandell), Susanne Neuhauser (Idealtours GmbH), Manfred Pletzer (Pletzer Gruppe), Martha Schultz (Schultz Gruppe), Wolfgang Sief (SIKO GmbH) and Andrea Speckbacher (Eurogast).

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CAUTHE Konferenz 2019

In the middle of February the 29th CAUTHE Conference was hosted in Cairns, Queensland.

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This year, the conference’s topics focussed on "Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality and Events in a Disruptive Digital Age".
With regard to the sustainable persistence of tourism businesses in Tirol, the ZFU presented the paper "Risk identification and risk perception of family tourism businesses in the Tirol", which analyses the risk perception of family businesses in tourism.


Tiroler Wissenschaftsförderung

The Family Business Center is pleased that the Tiroler Wissenschaftsförderung supports this year two projects. The projects promoted are from Teresa Spiess dealing with Personnel Strategies and from Gundula Glowka analysing Risk-Managment. The presentation took place Friday, January 18th, 2019.

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„I find it very important and valuable that this platform exists where family entrepreneurs can exchange experiences at eye level on a trustful basis."
Susanne Neuhauser, CEO, Travel agency Idealtours GmbH