First Day for Family Business Entrepreneurs at MCI
Monday, 14. May 2018 | 14:00 - 18:00

For the first day for family business entrepreneurs at MCI - exchange of impulses, experiences, challenges and solutions - everything about family businesses had priority. One of the highlights of the event was the speech of DI Klaus Ortner, CEO of IGO Industries GmbH, Innsbruck & Vienna, who leads his family businesses to an international dealing, multi-billion enterprise...

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A visual review:

1. Tag der Familienunternehmer Leiterin Anita Zehrer  1. Tag der Familienunternehmer Podiumsdiskussion  1. Tag der Familienunternehmer Beirat Baumgartner  1. Tag der Familienunternehmer Publikum 


3rd Forum Family Business for students

For the third time, students had the opportunity to meet leading entrepreneurs and gain interesting insights into these family-operated organizations.

The following entrepreneurs particitpated in the forum: Claudia Berghofer (Adler Lacke), Elisabeth Hauser (Hotel Stanglwirt), Simon Meinschad (Hollu Hygienehandel GmbH) and others.
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Forum FB 2018 B  Forum FB 2018 A  Forum FB 2018 C  Forum FB 2018 D 



New education program for families

New education program Future Family Enterprise: Sustaining Multigenerational Success in Cambridge at the MIT Management Executive Education | 7.-12.October.2018 | Flyer


„I find it very important and valuable that this platform exists where family entrepreneurs can exchange experiences at eye level on a trustful basis."
Susanne Neuhauser, CEO, Travel agency Idealtours GmbH