Goals Family Business Center

The center as a focal point for family businesses

The center considers itself a focal point for family businesses in Western Austria and beyond.

  • It cooperates with academic institutions, associations, companies and other institutions.
  • It uses its economic, technological and innovational potential to promote, deepen and strengthen the economic, political and social significance of family businesses in the German-speaking and international area.
  • It does so through concrete activities.

The center as a place for discussion and exchange

The center supports family businesses and fosters an exchange between science and business.

Some of the center’s key goals are:

  • Active exchange of experiences between family businesses and between science and business
  • Applied research, transfer and field projects
  • Education, continuing education, knowledge transfer, congress and events
  • Preservation of family businesses, their innovative power and competitiveness across generations
  • Promotion of qualified successors of family businesses
  • Communication, public relations, employer branding and awareness building


The center offers specific services to attain this goal.