Implementation of field projects in close cooperation with family businesses; Transfer of results into practice.*

Ongoing projects

The factor "employee" in touristic family businesses

To satisfy customer needs and to stay competitive in the long, family businesses have to continuously maintain one of the most decisive factors within their organization - human capital. The aim of this project is to identify the branch-identity of these organizations related to employers and employees in the tourism industry. Therefore, the identification of innovative approaches rearding leaderhsip, recruitment, and employee-motivation should help to set new impulses in the industry.
Funding authority: Research Centre Tourism and Recreation

Innovation behavior in family businesses

This quantitative study aims to investigate the innovation behavior of family businesses in Germany and Austria. Besides the main focus on innovation, different other areas such as strategic orientation, market orientation and organizational structure are of interest and should help to evaluate the innovation behavior in family businesses.
Project partner: Research Lab - sme.innovation.networks (MCI Management Center Innsbruck)
Project Partner: Wirtschaftskammer Tirol

Strategic positioning – Analysis of strategic options to strengthen the competitiveness of family businesses in tourism in the Tirol

The project aims to assess the status quo of strategic positioning of family-run businesses in Tirolean tourism, to analyze their problems, challenges and strategic options. Based on the challenges of family firms with regard to their stategic positioning, solutions and practical recommendations shall be developed and published in a guideline. This guideline shall help family firms to become sensitive towards strategic planning and provide them with hands-on measures and recommendations to achieve their strategic goals. Thus the overall aim is to contribute to the overall competitiveness of family-run tourism businesses.
Project partner: Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, VTT (Verband der Tiroler Tourismusverbände)
Funding authority: Research Centre Tourism and Recreation

Business succession in family firms in the Tirol

The project studies the business succession of family firms in the Tirol, including the challenges and problems family firms face during the succession process. Based on the study results, practical solutions and recommendations for family firms will be presented. The elaborated recommendations shall sensitize family firms regarding the needfulness to plan their succession and present measures to conduct family business succession.
Funding authority: Research Centre Tourism and Recreation

Innovation behavior of SME family businesses in the context of business succession

Following a qualitative research strategy, we explore the innovation behavior of family-owned and family-managed carpentry companies in the context of succession. We focus on the question which measures can be taken in order to guarantee for the entrepreneurial innovativeness beyond the transfer and to establish a systematic innovation approach. Our main interest concentrates on the structural coupling of family and firm and their respective impact on the innovativeness in succession. The project aims at giving additional guidance for process-oriented consulting and support.
Funding authority: Tiroler Wissenschaftsfonds

Digitalization and social media in family businesses

The purpose of this research is to explore the use and adoption of digital and social media in family businesses in Europe and East Asia, and to reveal differences and barriers in the usage of tools and technology in family-run firms. A systematic discussion of digital media in family firms shall raise awareness of the topic in the Tirolean economy and thus contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of Tirolean family firms.
Project partner: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Funding authority: Eurasia Pacific UniNet

Strategic positioning of family businesses in tourism in East Tirol

The study undertakes a strategic analysis of the status quo of the strategic positioning of tourism businesses in East Tirol and elaborates a future strategy for these businesses with regards to strategic options in the field of product development, cooperation and education & training for family businesses).
Project partner: Wirtschaftskammer Osttirol
Press release: Projekt zur strategischen Neuausrichtung von Osttiroler Familienbetrieben im Tourismus gestartet

Projects 2016

Status quo of family businesses in the Tirol

The project undertakes a status quo analysis of current challenges of family businesses in the Tirol across all industries. The following issues are treated with priority: key success factors of family businesses, succession planning, innovativeness, leadership, digitalization and social media.

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Employer branding of family businesses

The project studies employer branding of family businesses. Students, who are the employees of tomorrow, are interviewed about the value propositions that make a business an attractive employer.

Infografik Employer Attractiveness   


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