Integration of specific classes into the MCI curriculum.

Forum Family Business

The Family Business Forum is a course which comprises students of two study programs. Students in groups interview family entrepreneurs regarding their challenges in a world café setting. Finally, students present their findings orally and in a written reflection paper.

Forum Family Business 2016

The first family business forum was organized in the academic year 2016. Students had the possibility to get in contact with domestic entrepreneurs. Participating entrepreneurs: Richard Hauser (Hotel Stangelwirt), Felicitas Kohler (Planlicht), Susanne Neuhauser (Idealtours GmbH), Lukas Scheiber (Hotel Edelweiß Obergurgl), Wolfgang Sief (Siko GmbH), Gerhard Stocker (Stasto) und Dr. Kai Konstantin Stoffel.

Forum FB 2016 A  Forum FB 2016 B  Forum FB 2016 C  Forum FB 2016 D 

Forum Family Business 2017

The forum as an initiative of the Family Buiness Center already took place the second time. Several leading entrepreneurs were part of the lecture and anwerded questions asked by the students. The following family entrepreneurs participated in the forum: Thomas Auer (Auer Holzmanufaktur), Andrea Berghofer (Adler Lacke), Mario Gerber (Gerber Hotels), Elisabeth Hauser (Hotel Stanglwirt), Susanne Neuhauser (Idealtours GmbH), Wolfgang Sief (SIKO GmbH), Andrea Speckbacher (Eurogast), Harald Ultsch (Hotel Schwarzer Adler und Harrys Home Hotels) and Martin Wetscher (Wetscher GmbH).

Forum FB 2017 A  Forum FB 2017 B  Forum FB 2017 C  Forum FB 2017 D 

Forum Family Business 2018

In 2018 students also had the opportunity to meet leading entrepreneurs operating organizations within different sectors. In doing so, students were able to gain interesting insights into these organizations. Participating entrepreneurs: Claudia Berghofer (Adler Lacke), Mario Gerber (Gerber Hotels), Elisabeth Hauser (Hotel Stanglwirt), Christine Maier (Arnold Digitaldruck), Simon Meinschad (Holly Hygienehandel GmbH), Susanne Neuhauser (Idealtours GmbH), Manfred Pletzer (Pletzer Gruppe), Wolfgang Sief (SIKO GmbH), Andrea Speckbacher (Eurogast) und Gerhard Stocker (Stasto).

Forum FB 2018 B  Forum FB 2018 A  Forum FB 2018 C  Forum FB 2018 D 

Business and practice labs

Recruiting New Employees – Bernard Ingenieure ZT GmbH
Bernard Ingenieure, an international planning and consulting company headquartered in Hall/Tyrol, used the possibility of launching a practice project for optimizing the recruitment process of potential employees. Based on qualitative and quantitative data, a group of 4 master students developed concrete recommendations at the interface of HR marketing and recruiting.

Potential-/ market analysis for waste products - DAKA
DAKA is a notable domestic organization operating in the waste industry, which intends to produce completely new compost-products based on bio-waste. To ensure a successful product placement on the market, students of the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) conducted a comprehensive market analysis by interviewing retailing partners as well as customers. Based on the projects´ findings, the management team now is developing a detailed marketing policy.

B2B online shop - ADLER Lacke
Another project dealt with the implementation of a new B2B online shop. Therefore, students of the study program Business & Management analyzed competing market participants and developed a sound concept for implementing the new online shop.

Social media strategy - PICKER
To foster the car dealership’s market position, students of the MCI developed an entirely new social media concept. Based on an extensive competition analysis, appropriate social media channels were identified to allow a more specific and well-targeted customer communication in the future.

Fitness trend analysis - INNFITNESS
The aim of this project was to determine new and innovative fitness trends out of the domains of technology, community building, fitness training and group fitness courses as well as to evaluate specific trends which would fit best for the fitness center.

Family Business Focus in Master programs

Entrepreneurship & Tourism
Major: Family Business Management & Business Planning with the following courses:

  • Family Business Management
  • Family Business Management / Entrepreneurship Case Study
  • Business Management / Entrepreneurship Case Studies

International Business & Management
Major: Family Business & Entrepreneurship with the following courses:

• Entrepreneurship
• Family Business & Integral Change
• Entrepreneurial Business Lab


ePortfolios are digital versions of portfolios, where students can document, reflect and archive their learning process. The value added of an ePortfolio is the advancement not only of professional competencies, but also the fostering of media and IT competencies and skills. Please find here ePortfolios of students on the topic of Family Business Management (in German only).